Efficient and Durable Spray Foam Insulation

house with spray foam insulationSpray foam insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce the overall impact of cold winters and hot summers on your home. By insulating a space properly, you reduce the amount of heated air or cooled air that can escape. You also reduce the amount of air that escapes or enters the space.

By doing this, you also reduce the overall amount of energy your home requires to maintain a comfortable temperature. In short, this type of insulating power is something not to go without in your building.

What Is It?

Though there are various types, most types of spray foam insulation are made of a polyurethane material. This product is pumped into the space using high powered systems that pack it into place.

Rather than being a sheet that you push into place, this product sprays into space in a loose form and fills the area thoroughly. This reduces the number of gaps and increases the overall efficiency.

What’s the Benefit of It?

There are several key benefits to using spray foam insulation rather than using other types of insulating materials in the home such as fiberglass;

Insulation for Walls and Roof
1. The primary benefit is that it packs into space very tightly which means there is less room for air to escape. That’s because it contours to fit the space. Rather than trying to get fiberglass or other material to fit into place by cutting it to size, this product fits snuggling into any space of any shape. For many people, this makes all of the difference in the overall finished function.

2. Because of how well spray foam insulation fits into place, it can work very well as a way of reducing energy costs. With this in place, you have less energy loss, and that means you have to use less energy to heat or cool a home.

3. Spray foam also lasts longer. Because it does not fall off or pull away from the surface, this type of product can last for decades and provide adequate function the entire time.

When installing it, you won’t face problems with itching like you do with the traditional pink fiberglass product. However, you do have to take safety measures to ensure it is installed properly. You can install it yourself, but for a more precise, faster installation, have a professional do the work for you. This also ensures that the product is in place without a mess being created throughout your home (which can happen easily if you do it yourself.

Overall, properly installed spray foam insulation really will improve the overall energy efficiency of your home while also reducing your energy costs. It is an effective product, and many products are now environmentally friendly.

You don’t have to worry about the installation yourself. Some companies can come in and do the work for you in a matter of minutes.